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Terms and conditions for the SQIN brand campaigns

1. Participation

a) You are eligible to participate if you have a residence in Germany, Austria or Switzerland. You must be older than 17 years. Employees of mHero GmbH, mHero GmbH and brand partners are excluded from participation.

b) You agree to be responsible for all data charges incurred by you as a result of using the Service.

c) You take part in the competition by confirming this in the app. Multiple participation with second or multiple accounts is excluded. You must have previously registered in the app with your email address. In case of a prize, you can only be notified by us or by the brand partner.

d) To win the campaign, you must be a participant in the campaign.
The prizes are non-cash prizes or vouchers from the respective brand partner who initiated the Challenge.

e) All data will be stored only for the purpose and for the duration of the competition. The deletion of the data can be requested at any time.

f) The closing date for the competition is stated in the app.

2. Implementation and Settlement

a) Unless otherwise stated in the competition information, the winner will be determined at random, which will allow us to check that he or she has fulfilled all the conditions of the competition. The competition information provides more detailed information about the respective prize. The winner will receive a prize in kind or a voucher from the brand partner who initiated the Challenge

b) The winner will be informed by SQIN or on behalf of BeQU by e-mail. Only this e-mail will entitle the winner to the prize from the above mentioned prizes. Any notification of the prize in the App SQIN shall not give rise to any claim to the prize. The notification will be made within four weeks after the closing date for entries. In the event of an undeliverable prize notification, SQIN shall not be obliged to make further enquiries. If the winner does not contact SQIN within one week after sending the notification, the claim to the prize expires and no new winner is determined. The claim to the prize shall also expire if the transmission of the prize cannot take place within 6 months after the first notification of the prize for reasons within the person of the winner.

c) The address of the winner will be passed on to the brand partner for the delivery of the prize in kind. The brand partner takes care of the shipping of the non-cash prize.

d) The voucher will be delivered by SQIN by email.

e) A cash payment of the prize is not possible.

f) By pressing the action button "Yes, I would like to participate", the participant accepts the terms and conditions of participation and the privacy policy and agrees that in case of a win, SQIN will send an email to the user as an answer to the result and the address will be passed on to the brand partner.

g) Participation in the competition is free of charge. There are no hidden follow-up costs.

h) The Participating User warrants that the Submission and each of its component parts is self-created, that the Submission is a wholly original work that the Participating User has created in its entirety and that the Participating User is the sole owner of all rights in the Submission in all respects.

3. Other Provisions

a) SQIN and the company "mHero GmbH" behind it do not assume any liability for loss of data, especially in the course of data transmission, and other technical defects.

b) SQIN reserves the right to exclude participants from the Prize Draw on the basis of false information, manipulation or the use of unauthorised aids.

c) Legal recourse is excluded.

d) Exclusive applicable law is the law of the Federal Republic of Germany.

e) Should any of these provisions be or become invalid, the validity of the remaining conditions of participation shall remain unaffected.

f) These Terms and Conditions of Participation may be changed by SQIN at any time without separate notification.

g) The service is owned or controlled by SQIN.

h) Shared content on Instagram is subject to their terms and conditions.

i) Apple is not the sponsor of this contest.