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With the SQIN Business Manager, brands can communicate directly with their target group. Through different types of campaigns you get valuable and realizable insights.

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Ready for the new generation

In our app, we link the right users with the products that interest you in the form of mobile games, user surveys and state-of-the-art augmented reality. SQIN turns the simple shopping experience into an emotional, shareable experience, which exactly hits the pulse of the hard-to-reach millennials up to the generation Alpha.


Self Branding




Virtual World of Experience

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Added value through SQIN

AR is not only a trend that moves youth generations,
it's the beginning of a new platform on which we can do virtual swatching
and direct retail in a playful way.

SQIN Values User



Quelle: SeekXR

SQIN Values User


Skin Analyses

Quelle: Digi-Capital

SQIN Values User

up to 60%

Recurring Buyers

Quelle: SuperData

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Find the right customers

Use the SQIN platform to meet the needs of existing and future customers. and new customers to recognize and fulfill. With the SQIN Recommendation Engine
Beauty-Retail is rethought, just fill out the contact form.


The SQIN Team

SQIN is a young team based in Berlin, Dresden & New York. To revolutionize the beauty industry, is our mission. In this respect we refer to years of success in community building.

Björn Bak

Björn Bak
Founder & CEO

Martin Pentenrieder

Martin Pentenrieder
Founder & CEO

Maria Bruckert

Maria Bruckert
Founder, CCO & CMO

Our Professionals

Bjoern Bak
Bjoern Bak
Bjoern Bak
Bianca Wolf
Christian Wahl
Andreas Franz
Maik Zeranski
Lisa Krause
Michael Meiser
Sara-Luisa Czaja
Oliver Ebert
Mirella Stein
Franz Lohmann
Sebastian Jarmicki



We are happy to be at your disposal for media & press questions and will send you press material on request.

Beauty meets tech:

SQIN positions itself as much
more than just a cosmetics
industry e-commerce platform

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E-Comerce rethought:

"Through tests we find out that
we will be able to offer our customers
can develop sustainably".

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Gamefication for User Growth

"The right appearance to get to
to stand out of the fair &
to inspire users & customers"

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Dresden is our East German Cheese Dome

A young entrepreneurial couple wants to conquer the German cosmetics market with artificial intelligence. How does that work and why they don't move to Berlin for it.

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